last signal

Last Signal (2024)

Last Signal is a short, story-driven, walking simulator, mystery game. On a mysterious journey through space, astronaut Adam ‘Echo’ Winters awakens in an abandoned station with amnesia. He must unravel the secrets of the station, where reality and illusion are intertwined.

Set in the near future, our story begins with a report of a wormhole. With no signal from the unmanned spacecrafts sent to this anomalous wormhole, our main character Adam ‘Echo’ Winters, a successful astronaut, volunteers for an expedition to this wormhole. Traveling with the space shuttle to the wormhole, Echo faints while passing through the hole and wakes up in a completely different place.

Finding himself in an abandoned station and having no idea how he got here, Echo tries to unravel the mystery of what happened to him with the help of EVE, the artificial intelligence that controls the station, and realizes that everything is more complicated than it seems. Echo begins to realize that this place is not what EVE told him and as he unravels the mystery of what happened, he will go deeper and deeper and uncover one of the greatest secrets of mankind.

Platform: PC (Steam)

  • Genre: Short, Story-driven, Choices Matter, Multiple Endings, Walking Simulator, Mystery, and Science Fiction
Last Signal